Inspiring Youtube Channels I've watched lately

January 09, 2019

Here is a collection of valuable and inspiring youtube videos I've watched recently.


I enjoy watching art restoration videos, as I find them highly valuable when it comes to learning how to take care of my own artwork. Baumgartner Restoration is both on youtube and instagram, and it's satisfying watching dirty pictures turn beautifully radiant and colourful again. 

I watch a lot of videos on sewing, historical research and such. I love the humour from this lady below. Absolutely hillarious. She also has a lot of great videos on historical clothing.


This is very cool!

Now I want to make my own 15th Century Leather Case!!

Townsends is an inspiring channel. I feel like I am back in time when I watch the channel. I feel especially attracted to this channel with the ongoing season of Outlander, and love learning more about Colonial America.

I watched a documentary about the Romanov dynasty during December, and suddenly got interested in learning more about the Tsar families. As a Yule present from my family I got a massive book about the Romanovs'. A little known fact about me is that I have a big interest in royal families, especially European royalty. The channel I am linking below has reasonably short videos with info. 

Also.. I have to share this musical prodigy/genious born in 2005, I'm so impressed and in awe of her talent.  

 - Camilla

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