Last days of September

September 29, 2018

Happy Autumn dear readers!

Tomorrow is the last day of September, and I feel like the autumn arrived yesterday. I wish the month would last longer. I'm not done yet with harvesting the abundant inspiration I always find this time of year.  That said, I've had a very lovely month. I went exploring the mountains and got to see more of my beautiful country. Up in the mountains of Telemark, autumn had arrived. 

We came across a very unique trollsk waterfall. I could not see the bottom!

It also looked like someone had a bite of this dangerously looking mushroom ;) oh my..

Have you ever felt like there is a certain mood surrounding you, an energy or an otherworldly presence? In Norway we have a word for this exact feeling. "Trollsk". 

*insert dramatic music* Behold the magnificent Eidsborg Stave church.

The church is estimated to date around year 1250. It smelled SO good. I really wanted to invade it, but sadly I behaved.

Also, I think people back in the days must have been smaller, because I looked like a giant next to this door. Haha.


The details are insanely beautiful and intricate. It made me feel like I was in a storybook.

I love the unusual shape of the roof.

*sigh* I feel so connected to the past. Being in places like this give me a feeling that can resemble how I feel when I am in my own home. Safe, inspired and nourished on a soul level.

The two following pictures remind me so much of The Witcher III.

Besides the wonderful journey, I have captured some pretty autumn sights. I have shared most of them on instagram already, but why not here too.

Autumn inspire me to do my hair every day!


 Lastly, some inspiring music:

- Rose

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