Latest Inspirations

It seems I always am inspired by different things. At the moment I can't stop thinking about autumn. "It's too soon", you might say. But I tend to always feel excited for autumn around midsummer. I can feel the subtle shift of nature, and I start longing and building up expectation for the coming colourful season. It is my favourite season after all. I tend to feel more alive and inspired during this time. It's like the flow of inspiration is never-ending, and the beauty that surrounds me makes it easy to tap into the flow. 

Perhaps it is because I grew up in the arctic. Haha. It's my excuse for all my strange behaviours. Anyway, I crave the pumpkin colours a lot these days, and I keep sewing new tops in the same fabric. 

I love the music from Adrian von Ziegler, and this video has been my go-to happy vibe music for many years now. 

Who else prefers candlelight over modern lights? It's just much more cozy if you ask me. ;) 

I might have started decorating for the season already... *meep*

Also.. Practical Magic is on repeat these days while I do things in the home.

Striped socks also inspire me quite a lot. I guess it's just something about the combination of black witchy shoes and striped socks :D 

What inspire you? 

- Camilla Rose